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About Arcom

Arcom designs and manufactures industrial process controllers, based on industry standard bus formats, for use with manufacturing machinery and industrial process or plant control.

With development centers located at both Cambridge, UK and Kansas City, USA and with direct sales in France and Germany, Arcom has consistently maintained an impressive growth record since its foundation in 1982.

Arcom products are designed for ease of integration so that systems can be constructed easily and rapidly from simple building blocks. Arcom's Systems Division is available for integrating complete systems so that you can take delivery of your fully completed item.

Our ISA Bus Products

PCIB40 40 Channel Digital I/O
PCI24 24 Channel Opto-isolated Digital Input
PCO24 24 Channel Opto-isolated Digital Output
PCSER4 4 Channel Serial Communications
PCSYSCON System Watchdog Integrity Monitor
PCAD12/16H 16 Channel 12-bit ADC
PCDAC12-4 4 Channel 12-bit DAC
PCIB32 32 Channel Digital I/O
PCRELAY8/IN8 8 Changeover Relays 8 Opto-isolated Inputs
PCADADIO Multi-function 12-bit ADC DAC, with Digital I/O CTC
PCIO8 8 Channel Opto-isolated Digital Input Output
APC-Pentium CE-Compliant Pentium/PCI Industrial PC

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