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About Advantech Technologies, Inc.

From golf courses, to hospitals, to factory floors, Advantech's products satisfy a broad range of application needs. Since 1983, Advantech has designed and built new products to satisfy unique and often very rigorous requirements. Advantech's highly integrated systems combine advanced, all-in-one features/functions, compact size, open specifications, industrial reliability, and user-friendly operator interfaces. All products are developed in close cooperation with our partners and customers and are supported with strong engineering resources.


Our ISA-Bus Products

Powerful Slot CPU Boards

  • PCA-6772 ISA Half-sized CPU card with CPU/VGA/LCD/Ethernet and CFC
  • PCA-6770 ISA Sokcet 370 Half-sized SBC with VGA/LCD, Ethernet & CFC
  • PCA-6751 ISA Tillamock Half-sized SBC with CPU, VGA, LCD, Fast Ethernet, CFC & PC/104
  • PCA-6752F ISA Super 7 Half-sized SBC with VGA/LCD, Ethernet & DOC
  • PCA-6752N ISA Super 7 Half-sized SBC with VGA, Ethernet & DOC
  • PCA-6753 ISA NS Geode Half-sized SBC w/GX1 CPU, VGA, LCD, Ethernet, DOC & PC/104
  • PCA-6154 Include PCA-6154/6154L('01 DEL)
  • PCA-6154L ISA MMX Half-sized SBC w/VGA, DOC & PC/104
  • PCA-6740 ISA Elite Half-sized SBC with CPU, 32MB SDRAM, VGA/LCD, Ethernet, DCO & PC/104
  • PCA-6741 STPC Consumer II 133 SBC with CPU/VGA/Ethernet/SSD/32 MB SDRAM
  • PCA-6145B ISA 486 Half-sized SBC w/VGA, LCD, Ethernet, DOC & PC/104
  • PCA-6145L ISA 486 Half-sized SBC w/ VGA, LCD, DOC & PC/104
  • PCA-6144S ISA 486 Half-sized SBC w/DOC & PC/104
  • PCA-6135 Include PCA-6135/6135L(03'DEL)
  • PCA-6135L ISA 386SX Half-sized SBC w/ 40 MHz CPU, DOC and PC/104

Backplanes for ISA and PCI buses

  • PCA-6108 8-slot Backplane; 8 ISA, 1 Segment
  • PCA-6106 6-slot Backplane; 6 ISA, 1 Segment
  • PCA-6104 4-Slot ISA-Bus Backplane
  • PCA-6105P5 5-Slot PCI Passive Backplane
  • PCA-6104P4 4-PCI Slot PCI Bcakplane


We Also Offer

  • PCI Slot CPUs
  • Industrial Automation
  • Network Computing
  • Web Appliances
  • Panel Computers
  • Kiosks
  • Mobile Computing Appliances
  • SOHO Networking
  • Medical-Grade Products
  • Multimedia Messaging & Kiosk Terminals


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