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PC-Based Testing Solutions

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About Geotest

A subsidiary of Marvin Engineering Co., Geotest (Marvin Test Systems, Inc.) is a U.S. corporation located in Irvine, California with sales representatives around the world. Geotest specializes in the design and manufacture of test, data acquisition and process control systems, software development, and design of custom, high-tech, electronics circuitry. Geotest's off-the-shelf products include State-Of-The-Art software and hardware for the test industry. The company's unique software package, ATEasy TM, is the leading software development environment for ATE applications world-wide. The engineering core of Geotest is a group of highly skilled electronics and software engineers with an impressive track record of automated test systems development that ranges from commercial manufacturing systems to military / aerospace applications.

A Sampling of our Customers

  • Analog Devices
  • BF Goodrich
  • Casio
  • Delco Electronics
  • Ford Electronics
  • Honeywell
  • Hughes Aircraft
  • Lucent Technologies
  • Motorola
  • Texas Instruments
  • US Army
  • Washington State University
PC-Based Instrumentation

Geotest-Marvin Test Systems has revolutionized the test and measurement industry with the development of cost effective PC-Based instrumentation, software and complete test systems. Geotest now provides proven high performance solutions for automated test, research, design, and manufacturing. Geotest's PC-Based test solutions have been applied successfully in a wide range of applications in electronics, manufacturing, medical, avionics, communications, automotive, petroleum, aerospace, military and other markets.

Total Test Solutions - Geotest offers fully integrated bench-top and rack mounted test systems for standard and customized applications.

PC-Based Test Platforms - Geotest's GTXI is a family of 14 slot IBM compatible industrial computers that can accommodate up to 13 ISA plug-in instruments. The custom design of the GTXI allows users to integrate PC cards from any vendor using a VXI front-loading mechanism.

ATEasy, ATE Software Development Environment - ATEasy is the ultimate ATE rapid applications development environment available today. Its windows-based system-oriented structure makes ATEasy fully adaptable to any required system for automatic test and test and measurement applications. The Built-in Driver Editor supports VXI, GPIB, RS-232 and all PC-Based instrumentation.

Precision Instrumentation - Geotest offers the widest range of precision test instrumentation such as, the state-of-the-art ROM Emulator and the high speed Dynamic Digital I/O, high performance Digital Multimeters, wide bandwidth Digital Oscilloscopes, high speed Pulse, Frequency Function and Arbitrary Waveform Generators, A/D, and D/A Converters, as well as special purpose avionics instrumentation.

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