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 Introducing INSIDE Technology USA, Inc

INSIDE Technology A/S, the Danish vendor of ultra-compact and ultra-fast, complete single-board computers for industrial and embedded computer applications requiring the use of Flat-Panel LCD and/or CRT based displays, has just established its U.S. headquarters in Allen, Texas. The new company is called INSIDE Technology USA, Inc. and will immediately be accessable on the world-wide-web at:

Flat Panel Single Board Computers

 686LCD Flat Panel Computer

Super Compact Pentium Power!

With the introduction of 686LCD/S and 686LCD/MG, INSIDE Technology again pushes the market to new standards for half size and "PICMG" form-factor computing power. Both these systems include Pentium Power from 75 MHz up to 200 MHz, standard Pentium or MMX. On top of that you get features not likely to be found on any full size Pentium board, such as: On-Board 10Mbps Ethernet with 10BaseT and AUI interfaces, super fast Hi-Q 64-bit SXGA (up to 1280 x 1024 resolution) CRT and Direct LCD Flat Panel controller with 2MB Video Memory, new PanelLink (LVDS) link for remote Flat Panel control (up to 30 feet), new USB link, IrDa, YUV/ZI direct video inut connector, up to 16MB Flash Disk, Flash BIOS etc. In addition, the 686LCD/MG features both ISA and PCI bus in the industry-standard "PICMG" layout, and an additional ordering option of PCI based Ultra-wide SCSI running at 40MB/second! The Intel Triton II (430HX) PCI chipset in combination with the on board PCI bus design make the 686LCD/S and 686LCD/MG true performance leaders!

 586LCD Flat Panel Computer

Exceeds Pentium 90 MHz workstation performance and consumes less than 5 Watts.

  • Low power processors: DX4 75/100/133/160 MHz and 5x86 120 Mhz.
  • 32 bit local bus SVGA controller with simultaneously CRT/flat panel support
  • FLASH disk from 128 KB to 16 MB
  • EMI in accordance with IEC 801. Prepared for CE marking
  • Green PC functions. 486/586 board with minimal power consumption
  • PC/104 and PC/AT bus interface
  • Jumperless. HW configuration made in setup program
  • Floppy and HD control, 2 serial (16 byte FIFO), 1 par, PS/2 mouse etc.
  • Watchdog
  • 178 x 123 mm.

 486LCD Flat Panel Computer

Super Compact 486-Power

Our 486LCD slot CPU board is a complete compact IPC solution developed for embedded industrial applications and PC/AT + VESA Bus systems. We have made great effort to include all standard PC features like FD Ctrl, HD Ctrl, 2 serial ch., Parallel interface etc. On this standard PC basis system we added industrial features like ultra fast Local Bus LCD controller, EMI protection, Watchdog, 16 MB silicon disk and PC/104 bus interface. Our 486LCD compact design have features which normally include 2-4 boards and is perfect suited for embedded Windows applications. 486LCD is GREEN with outstanding power saving features for battery operated systems.

If you utilize an LCD Panel, we can definitely drive it!

 We also offer PC/104 products

  • PC/104 PC-Card (PCMCIA Type-II) controller board
  • PC/104 10 Mbps Ethernet

For additional information about our PC/104 products, see our ad in the Journal of PC/104 Controlled Systems


  • Solid-State Flash Disk Systems up to 16m
  • Full featured Point-Of-Sales terminal
  • Touch Screen Add-On for our Flat Panel Displays
  • Complete LCD Flat Panel PC Component Kit Solution for your own cabinet or enclosure

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