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Date Posted: Mar 18, 2003

Type of Work: DigitalHardwareDesign, AnalogHardwareDesign, SystemsIntegration, Installation, Assembly, TechnicalWriting

Contact Name: jerciline sundar

Location: madras

Phone: 910443811287


Job Description: MCS-51 processor family, PCB Designing

Job Information:
Working as Project Scientist from March 2002 for the project “Development of On-line Energy Monitoring & Control System and it’s installation in an industry”. 
1) Participated in the design and development of Energy node with Neuron Processor (3150B1FU – Neuron IC) and an ADC with DSP Core.  
2) Participated in the design and development of Energy node for measuring the energy parameters using MCS-51 family processors.  
Participated in development and testing of Zirconium based oxygen sensors. Developed a system based on micro controller AduC812.  
Participated in testing of various communication techniques viz. Lonworks based Powerline communication using power line analyzer, Free Topology transceiver (FTT10A), RS-485 Bus Topology transceiver at “SUN PAPER MILL”. Communications are tested successfully for a distance of 900 meters apart.       Copyright © Arrick Publishing