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Date Posted: Feb 02, 2004

Type of Work: Installation, Technician, TechnicalWriting, Technical Support

Contact Name: Jerry Golden

Phone: 623-326-3104


Job Description: Test, Engineer, Support, Technician, Electronics, IT

Job Information:
I have had experience working with a wide range of equipment and  
protocols from a technical support and development testing  
perspective. I have excellent diagnostic skills and learn new things  
quickly. I am used to managing my own work flow and can effectively  
Use of bulk call generating systems such as Spirent  
(Zarak), Hammer and Ameritec. Set up routers, switches and DS3 MUX.  
Experience with PBX systems such as Definity, Axxcess and Rohm.  
Protocols include TCP/IP, MGCP, H323, SS7, SIP, ISDN, CAS, FXS, FXO,  
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