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Date Posted: Mar 22, 2007

Type of Work: DigitalHardwareDesign, AnalogHardwareDesign, SoftwareDesign, SystemsIntegration, EngineeringManagement, Technician, TechnicalWriting, Training, Technical Support, Marketing

Contact Name: sanket dessai

Location: Bangalore

Phone: 0 9242201636


Job Description: SoC,PSoC,ARM,FPGA,C/C++,EDK Verilog.

Job Information:
I am Sanket Dessai. 
My qualifications are as follows. 
BSc in Physics from Goa University. 
MSc in Physics from Goa University. 
MSc[Engg] in Real-Time Embedded Systems from Coventry University. 
My Skills are: 
PSoC,FPGA,Verilog,C,C++,PSoC Designer,Linux,VxWorks,ARM,PowerPC,SystemC,I2C,CAN,SPI.       Copyright © Arrick Publishing