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Date Posted: Jul 23, 2007

Type of Work: SoftwareDesign, SystemsIntegration, Training

Contact Name: N. Lewis

Location: Houston, TX

Phone: 713-419-0365


Job Description: Control Systems Programmer

Job Information:
I have over 30 years of experience in specification writing, system design, project management, programming, documentation, commissioning, and training with many of the leading Programmable Controller and Man-Machine-Interface software packages.  
I have a superior ability to program and troubleshoot Allen Bradley ControlLogix, PLC5 and SLC processors, as well as many other PLCs. I possess a thorough knowledge of the Wonderware InTouch MMI. I have a comprehensive working knowledge of a Windows NT, W2K, and XP. I am proficient in Microsoft Office software, particularly Word and Excel when used for developing reports and support utilities. I am effective in troubleshooting the problems associated with communications system. I am also skilled in electrical engineering related knowledge like panel design, electric motor drive, field wiring, Loop Drawings, I/O List, serial communications, etc. 
I am currently looking to contract with leading companies to provide my skills to successfully complete control systems projects as I have done in the past. I have no objections to travel.       Copyright © Arrick Publishing