Letters from our Readers and Advertisers
at Controlled.com

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From Lee Foss - Advanced Micro Peripherals Ltd
" Thank you very much for your quick response. It is great doing business with you. And if you have any future or other publishing enterprise we would be very pleased to be your customer. "

From Dominic Ferard - Automated Alarm Builder
" Hi! Your web site is an excellent source of info on ISA-based control cards. "

From Jukka Toukonen - ABB Corporate Research
" Greetings from Finland.
I'm just now doing research for PC/104 possibilities and your www server is an excellent resource of information. "

From Max Jensen - Inside Technology USA
" We have enjoyed the response we got from our ad on this site..... "

From Kris Allen - VersaLogic
" I am planning to renew. The responses to our ad are outstanding. "

From Mike Becker - Teka Interconnection Systems
" Keep up the good work. We need more sites on the net that have the usability that yours does. "

From Jeff Clark - Harvey Mudd College
" This page has a very well done layout and has been very helpful to us. "

From Gian David Bianciardi - Project Manager at IDRC
" Just wanted to drop a line and let you know what a GREAT resource you have here...
Thanks! "

From John Hilburn - Microcomputer Systems
" I think your journal is doing great. We are happy with the response and think you do a really good job! "

From Gene Devereaux - Senior Scientist - Boeing
" I have just started a new project and have decided to try PC/104 boards and software products. I also have turned to the net to research what's available and came up with your URL right off. I have already found several useful items here. I'll be back. "

From Bernie Adalem - MIS Director - Tetherless Access, Ltd.
" It's highly annoying to find web pages with all the embedded graphics.... "

After responding to the reader's concern.

" Congratulations, that was the fastest response from a web page that I have ever received. I'm still waiting 3 weeks for a request about a software package that I might buy for $10k! In the mean time you responded to a criticism within an hour. Impressive! "

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