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Protect Your Computer In These Harsh Environments:
  • Factories
  • Workshops
  • Laboratories
  • Garages
  • Machine Shops

Everyone knows that a dusty or dirty environment can cause damage to your personal computer. Don't wait until a catastrophe occurs, protect your data and your investment with an EnviroCase. The EnviroCase is perfect for factories, laboratories and workshops. Just place your computer inside the rugged, steel enclosure and guard it against spills, dust, and other contaminates. The keyboard tray has a removable lid and is large enough to house a trackball and a full-size keyboard. The unique front panel design can be oriented for desktop or tower-style computer cases. The cooling system includes an intake filter, an exhaust filter, and a powerful fan which creates a positive pressure environment to prevent dust from getting in your system. Unlike expensive alternatives, the EnviroCase comes complete with no extras to buy.

EnviroCase Features:

  • 14 gauge steel construction
  • All seams are gasketted
  • Rugged Nitro-Blue paint
  • Detachable keyboard tray & lid
  • Locks on all access doors
  • Cable-exit panel on rear
  • Adjustable equipment seat belts
  • Filtered fan system with positive pressure
  • Rotate-able front panel for tower cases
  • UPS ship-able
  • Lock-able casters on stand-up model 300
  • Sliding, adjustable shelves on stand-up model 300

Desktop - Model 100
Use the Model 100 EnviroCase to sit your computer on a table or desk. Rubber feet are included to protect surfaces and holes are provided for permanent mounting.
Size: 24" wide x 24" tall x 26" deep
Price: $999.00 US

Pedestal - Model 101
Use the pedestal with our desktop EnviroCase to create a floor-standing unit. Height is easily adjustable. Welded steel-tube construction with paint to match EnviroCase.
Price: $300.00 US

Stand-Up - Model 300
The Stand-Up EnviroCase offers ease-of-use for standing operators and extra storage for printers, UPSs, and supplies.
Size: 24" wide x 64" tall x 26" deep
Price: $1,799.00 US

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