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Date: Jul 16, 2002

From: SHAMS International

Subject: Need LCD

WE at SHAMS International specialized in Information and Multi Media  
kiosk solutions. 
We need the following products with this specifications or closer. 
15 inch (LCD) Screens:  
Resolution: 1024x768 and/or 1280x1024 
Interface connections: VGA connectivity for normal PCS and optional 41  
pins user connection for embedded PCS and video input for VCR/VCD/DVD 
With and without touch screen feature. 
To be supplied Without Plastic Frame (OEM) for our own designed  
embedded pc : 
Please advice with the lowest cost unit suitable to play audio &mpg2  
video materials on loop or on demand and storing information and  
graphics materials to be displayed by on screen browser as information  
on demand service.  
Prices to be In US $, C&F /Egypt (By air)       Copyright © Arrick Publishing