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May 2000

From Sealevel Systems

High Performance Serial I/O Card for Analog and ISDN Apps

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The SEALEVEL DataShark is a two port, high speed serial I/O interface for ISA  
bus systems. The card provides two RS-232 serial ports that support data rates  
up to 460K bps, making it ideal for high speed analog and ISDN modem applications.  
Most standard asynchronous RS-232 serial ports in use today are designed to  
support sustained data transfer rates in the range of 20K bps at 50 feet, with  
higher rates (up to 115K) possible over shorter distances. However, high speed  
applications, such as ISDN operating at 128K bps and above, require higher  
sustained data transfer rates, causing a serious data communications bottleneck  
when connected through a standard serial port. The DataShark’s high performance  
serial ports are designed to provide reliable data transfer in these and other  
applications where high speed asynchronous serial communications is a must. 
Configure the DataShark ports to use any of the standard COM1: to COM4:  
addresses or any one of 10 additional available addresses for each port. The 
card supports individual AT interrupts for each port and also utilizes full 16 
bit I/O address decoding to avoid video address conflicts. 
Sealevel Systems has been providing high quality communications and I/O 
solutions since 1986.       Copyright © Arrick Publishing