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DaqEZ Pro 32-bit Analog Input Monitoring Utility

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DaqEZ Professional is a 32-bit analog input monitoring application for  
Windows 95/98, Windows NT 4.0 and Windows 2000. It is built on the  
DAQDRIVE data acquisition interface, and is included on the DaqSuite  
CD that comes free with all Quatech data acquisition boards for PCI,  
ISA and PCMCIA. All Quatech analog data acquisition board functions  
are supported through DaqEZ Pro as are expansion boards and the  
SignalPro Series of board-level signal conditioners.  
DaqEZ Pro facilitates configuring A/D channels to graphically acquire  
and display real time data on the screen and then save it to disk.  
Display options include y/t charts, bar charts, analog meters and  
digital meters. Data can also be automatically saved in ASCII,  
Binary, or Engineering Units. Once data is stored in a file, it  
may then be imported to commercially available spreadsheet packages  
for analysis.  
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