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January 25, 2002

From quatech, inc

Quatech Releases Windows 2000 Support for Serial ISA Boards

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Akron OH, October 4--Quatech Inc., a leading manufacturer of data communication and data acquisition products for PC-based systems, today introduced Windows 2000 support for its entire line of RS-232 and RS-422/485 asynchronous serial ISA boards. With this announcement Quatech significantly enhances one of the most complete serial connectivity lines in the industry. 
Quatech has built its reputation and its buisness by designing products that allow taking advantage of new technologies while continuing to leverage an investment in legacy equipment. The addition of Windows 2000 support for their serial ISA line furthers this tradition. As many serial applications are restricted to 115.2 kbps, older ISA boards are still meeting the needs of numerous applications. However, as PCs and operating systems are upgraded these ISA boards are often discarded because they are not supported under newer operating systems. Quatech's new drivers solve this problem, and allow users to continue implementing their serial applications with lower-cost ISA boards. 
Quatech's serial ISA line includes two, four and eight port boards for asynchronous RS-232 and RS-422/485 protocols. The cards are implemented with standard 16550 UARTs containing 16-byte FIFOs, and can be upgraded with 16750 UARTs containing 64-byte FIFOs which provide increased performance in multitasking environments such as Windows 2000. Using the 16750 UARTs enables data rates up to 921.6 kbps. A surge suppression option is available for industrial use. The boards come with a choice of D-shell connector cables or on-board modular connectors. Along with Windows 2000, support is provided for DOS, Windows 3.x/95/98/Me/NT. 
Quatech serial ISA cards range in price from $89 to $329. The new Windows 2000 drivers are included with the card. Existing customers can download the new drivers from Quatech's website at Complete details and product specifications for Quatech's entire line of serial ISA boards can be found on their website. Call 1-800-553-1170, e-mail, or visit for more information. 
About Quatech: Quatech supplies the industry's most reliable data communication and data acquisition solutions. It achieves this high level of reliability by virtue of quality design and manufacturing, and service and support that exceed expectations. Its customer base includes Fortune 500 companies, government agencies and major universities, as well as many small companies and individual users. Its products for Windows, Linux, Solaris and OS/2 based systems are used in a wide variety of vertical markets including banking, retail, airports, medical, security and hospitality. Amongst the leading applications in these markets are Point of Sale terminals, Kiosks, automotive testing, industrial control and process monitoring. Founded in 1983, and headquartered in Akron, OH, the company has a worldwide presence, selling its products through a network of United States sales representatives and international distributors. Website: 
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