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About Tri-M Systems / Tri-M Engineering
Tri-M is a Distributor, Representative, and Manufacturer of embedded computer products targeted at the OEM marketplace. We offer a number of interesting product lines. We also offer a wide range of custom engineered products and services. See the contact information at the bottom of this form.

ISA bus Product Line Overview
  • OpenDOS and OpenLinux operating systems from Caldera
  • Customized LCD screens by Emperor of the North
  • Single board CPU and flash disks from Jumptec
  • Flashdisks, DiskOnChip, Flash PC cards from M-Systems
  • High resolutiong TFT-LCD screens for OEM integration from PrimeView
  • GPS receivers, sensors, and related hardware from Trimble Navigation
  • Hardware for wireless LANs from TTI Wireless

PC/104 Products
Visit our PC/104 information on the Journal of PC/104 Controlled Systems.

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