ISA Bus Vendors
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Adtech Engineering
Single board PCs, Chassis, Industrial I/O, LCD displays, CRTs, Motion Control, Workstations.

Designing, manufacturing and supplying industrial & embedded computer products.

Advantech Embedded Computing
Offering ISA-Bus slot CPU boards, backplanes, panel computers, POS boards, kiosks and mobile computing products.

Blue Chip Technology Ltd.
Offering highly integrated Slot CPU cards along with Digital, Analog and serial I/O for the Industrial Market

Circuit Specialists
PC-based control products, Educational products, Test Equipment, Electronic Components.

Geotest - Marvin Test Systems, Inc
PC-Based instrumentation, software and complete test systems.

Inside Technology
LCD Single Board Computers, touch screens and more.

Maketeck Inc.
Enclosures for personal computers in harsh environments.

Microcomputer Systems, Inc.
ISA-bus serial I/O, Analog I/O, Custom Designs.

Communication and Data Acquisition Systems.

Sealevel Systems
ISA-bus serial communications boards, relay control, digitial I/O, studio automation.

Data acquisition for laboratory and industrial processon control.

ACS-Technology 80, Inc.
Leading provider of board-level servo and stepper controllers and encoder interfaces.

Tri-M Systems
Tri-M is a Distributor, Representative, and Manufacturer of products targeted at the OEM marketplace.

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