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  About Us was the first on-line publication designed to showcase products and vendors of various bus structures such as PC/104, VXI, ISA, cPCI/PCI, and STD.  These E-Zines are separate, stand-alone publications that deal with only one bus architecture each.

    We focus only on embedded and control-related products and vendors.  No desktop PC's here!  Single board computers, I/O boards, video controllers, and motion control are typical products found in our databases. has been run by Arrick Publishing since 1995.  We're a small company with real customer service.  Email us now and see how fast our response is.

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  Increase Your Website Traffic

    The goal is to draw qualified people to your website, educate them about your products, and to produce a sale.  When a reader sees your information at then clicks through to your website, you can rest assured they are serious.  This results in very high-quality hits to your website.  Not just a lot of traffic by browsers who clicked on a misleading banner ad. 


  Who Reads

    Engineers, programmers, and system builders are our most common readers.  These are people looking for products to help them accomplish their goals.  Almost all of this activity occurs on weekdays.

      41% Hardware Engineers
      27% System Builders/Designers/Managers
      24% Software Engineers
      6% Students, Hobbyists
      2% Accidental Browser


  Who Advertises at

    Many well-known companies advertise at  Our E-Zines are also home to many smaller companies who make unique products that keep the embedded control marketplace moving.  They all do this for one simple reason: to increase their website traffic and produce sales. 


  What You Get

    • A web page ad that introduces your company and products
    • A request form that readers can use to request product information
    • Links to your website
    • Links to your email address
    • Listings in the product database
    • Listing in the vendor database
    • News release postings
    • Job postings


  Pricing and Terms

    These prices are for each E-Zine.

      Price:  $100/mo.
      Discount:  10% for committing to 12 months.
      Minimum Listing time:  6 months.
      Payment:  Net 30 days, credit card, company check, wire transfer.


  How To Get Started

    Becoming a member is easy.  Simply send the following information to us via email at  This is much like advertising in a traditional printed magazine - only much more cost-effective.

    • Company name
    • Type of company (representitive, manufacturer, systems integrator, publisher, consultant)
    • Listing time (6 months minimum)
    • 1-line company description (60 characters)
    • List of products you carry
    • Which E-Zine (PC/104, ISA, STD, VXI)
    • Contact name
    • Contact email address
    • Web site address
    • Email address for information request forms

  Ad Page Information

    We can develop your web ad page at no charge.  We use your website to collect information to create your page.  You can view it and ask for changes at any time.  Or if you wish, you may send ad information as raw text or as a Word document. 


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