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About Arcom

Arcom designs and manufactures industrial process controllers, based on industry standard bus formats, for use with manufacturing machinery and industrial process or plant control.

With development centers located at both Cambridge, UK and Kansas City, USA and with direct sales in France and Germany, Arcom has consistently maintained an impressive growth record since its foundation in 1982.

Arcom products are designed for ease of integration so that systems can be constructed easily and rapidly from simple building blocks. Arcom's Systems Division is available for integrating complete systems so that you can take delivery of your fully completed item.

Our PC/104 Products

Arcom offers a comprehensive range of industrial PC104, embedded PC and single board computer products. These are supported by a wide selection of development kits for the leading embedded operating system. The functionality of the processor boards can be expanded using the range of PC104 I/O modules.

PC/104 Processors

  • OLYMPUS - The OLYMPUS is an EBX format board offering the highest performance embedded PC for your network enabled multimedia applications. This board includes support for Socket370 processor options up to the 1GHz, 133MHz FSB Intel® Pentium® III processor along with the high performance S3® Savage4™ 3D graphics accelerator
  • SBC-GX1 - The SBC-GX1 is a low profile, fan-less, multimedia PC-compatible processor board based on the 300MHz National Semiconductor® Geode™ microprocessor. This EBX format board includes 10/100baseT Ethernet, 4 serial ports, on board Flash memory and CompactFlash expansion
  • VIPER - The VIPER board is a ultra-low low power PC104 format single board computer based on Intel's 400MHz PXA250 XScale processor. The features include a flat panel graphics controller, audio controller, 10/100baseT Ethernet, 5 serial ports, dual USB, digital I/O, onboard Flash memory and CompactFlash expansion.
  • PEGASUS - The highly integrated PEGASUS PC/104 format embedded PC is powered by the 133MHz AMD SC520 embedded controller and combines full 10/100baseTx network connectivity with 4 serial ports and embedded Flash
  • MERLIN - The MERLIN embedded controller is powered by the 25MHz Intel 386ex microcontroller and includes 2Mbytes DRAM, 1Mbytes Flash and 512KBBytes of SRAM. It offers three serial channels, 10baseTx networking and on board (wide input) power supply
  • AIM104-386EX - PC/104-compliant single board computer, based on the 33MHz Intel 386EX embedded processor, with 4 serial ports and ROM-DOS installed as standard

Expansion Modules

  • AIM104-MOTION-1 - 8-bit PC/104 module providing single axis stepper / DC servo motor control with on-board drivers
  • AIM104-COM4 - 4 Channel RS-232 and isolated RS-422/RS-485 Asynchronous (16C550) Serial Comms Interface
  • AIM104-CAN - Single Channel Opto-Isolated CAN interface module supporting the Philips SJA1000 Controller
  • AIM104-SER4 - 4 Channel RS-232 serial communications (Zilog 85230) Interface
  • AIM104-RELAY8-IN8 - 8 Changeover Relays and 8 Opto-isolated Inputs
  • AIM104-IN16 - 16 Opto-isolated Inputs
  • AIM104-IO32 - 32 TTL compatible digital I/O
  • AIM104-MULTI-IO - Isolated 16 Channel 12-bit ADC, 2 Channel 12 DAC and 8 Channel digital input
  • AIM104-RTC - 8-bit module providing a real time clock with a very high stability option (30 sec / year)
  • AIM104-ADC16/IN8 - Isolated 16 Channel 12 bit ADC and 8 channel digital input
  • AIM104-ETHER - 10baseTx Ethernet Interface Module
  • AIM104-KEYDISP - Matrix Keypad and LCD Interface Module
  • AIM104-OUT16 - 16 Opto-isolated Darlington driver outputs
  • AIM104-PULSE - 16 isolated status/accumulator/frequency inputs
  • AIM104-VGA-CRT - Super-VGA CRT Graphics Module
  • AIM104-VGA-LCD-3 - Super-VGA Flat Panel and CRT Display Module

Each of our AIM104 expansion modules are shipped with a standard 'C' Library and user manual to aid your development effort.

We Also Offer
  • Eurocard Boards & Systems
  • Industrial PC(ISA)bus
  • DeviceNet

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