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About Advantech Technologies, Inc.

From golf courses, to hospitals, to factory floors, Advantech's products satisfy a broad range of application needs. Since 1983, Advantech has designed and built new products to satisfy unique and often very rigorous requirements. Advantech's highly integrated systems combine advanced, all-in-one features/functions, compact size, open specifications, industrial reliability, and user-friendly operator interfaces. All products are developed in close cooperation with our partners and customers and are supported with strong engineering resources.


Our PC/104 Products

PC/104 CPU Modules

  • Low Power, High Performance, Ready for your application!
  • On-Board VGA and LCD controllers, Ethernet, SSD, and more.

PC/104 Audio & Video Modules

  • Support for high-resolution LCDs and extended transmission distances.
  • DC Power for flat panel support.
  • Sound Blaster Pro compatibility
  • 3D sound effect processor
  • Built-in Game/MIDI port support
  • Full duplex for concurrent recording & playback

PC/104 Communication Modules

  • 56 K V.90 Fax/ Modem Module
  • Isolated RS-232/RS-422/RS-485 Module
  • Multiple RS-232,RS-422/485 ports
  • Jumperless Ethernet
  • GPS

PC/104 I/O Modules

  • 32-ch Isolated Digital I/O

PC/104 SSD Modules

  • IDE Flash
  • Solid State Disk
  • DiskOnChip

PC/104 RAID Modules

  • IDE Raid

PC/104 Wireless LAN Modules

  • Wireless LAN VIA PCMCIA interface


We Also Offer

  • Industrial Automation
  • Network Computing
  • Web Appliances
  • Panel Computers
  • SOHO Networking
  • Medical-Grade Products
  • Multimedia Messaging & Kiosk Terminals


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Advantech Corporation
38 Tesla Suite 100
Irvine, CA 92618 USA
Phone: 949-789-7178
Toll Free: 1-800-866-6008
Fax: 949-789-7179
Email: ECGinfo@advantech.com
Web: http://www.advantech.com/epc