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Membership Categories

The PC/104 Consortium is incorporated as a California-based non-profit trade association. Membership is open to companies who offer or use products which support the PC/104 standard or are targeted to PC/104 applications.

The Consortium offers four categories of membership. Each provides a unique level of participation and financial commitment.

    Observer Members $150.00/yr
    Affiliate members $625.00/yr
    Associate members $1,250.00/yr
    Executive members $2,500.00/yr

Note: The PC/104 Consortium is incorporated as a California non-profit corporation and has been granted an exemption from Federal income tax under Section 501 (c) 6 of the US Internal Revenue Code. However, under Section 501 (c) 6, membership dues paid to the PC/104 Consortium are not deductible as a "charitable contribution", but may be deductible as an "ordinary and necessary business expense."

Benefits of Membership

The Observer membership category is primarily intended for users of PC/104 technology. Observer membership assures timely awareness of PC/104 news, product information, and specification updates or changes. Observer members receive the newsletters and other mailings sent to all Consortium members.

Affiliate, Associate, and Executive members participate more fully in the activities of the Consortium and receive the following technical and marketing benefits:

* Newsletters and other member mailings.

* Inclusion in the PC/104 Resource Guide and other Consortium- published vendor and product listings. (One Resource Guide page for Affiliated members; up to two pages for Associate members; up to four pages for Executive members.)

* Participation in Consortium-sponsored public relations activities.

* Permission to use the PC/104 logo in the company's marketing materials.

In addition, Associate and Executive members have voting rights on specification and organizational issues. Only Executive members are eligible to vote for, and serve as, members of the Consortium's Board of Directors.

Membership Application Form

Begin the membership application process in the PC/104 Consortium by filling out this Membership Application Form

How to Reach Us

The PC/104 Consortium
PO Box 78008
San Francisco, CA 94121
Phone: 415-243-2104
Fax: 415-836-9094
Web: http://www.pc104.org
E-mail: info@pc104.org

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