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Embedded systems designers need more than products, they need solutions. That's why we offer these important services to enhance our embedded computer boards and help you get to market faster:

"Custom Off The Shelf" solutions fit your exact needs with reduced time to market. Standard product variants, as well as full custom designs, are available.

Conformal coating, extended temperature testing, and other services ensure maximum reliability for your product.

Complete design + build + service capabilities support your program over its complete life cycle.

Board support packages, programming libraries, and expert technical assistance provide a solid foundation for successful implementation of your product design goals.


    Featured Products


Poseidon is a new, high performance EPIC form factor single board computer combining state of the art CPU and peripheral technology with Diamond Systems renown high accuracy data acquisition circuitry on a single board. Poseidon utilizes the VIA C7 and VIA Eden ULV based on the C5J "Esther" core, operating at speeds up to 2.0GHz. The 1.0GHz VIA Eden ULV version of Poseidon operates fanless over the extended operating temperature range of -40C to +85C. The 2.0GHz VIA C7 version of Poseidon operates with a fan from -20C to +70C.


JANUS-MM combines dual CAN interfaces with sockets for wireless communications and GPS to create a complete I/O subsystem for automotive and vehicle tracking applications. The dual CAN ports use the Philips SJA1000T CAN controller and 82C251 transceiver, for full CAN2.0B functionality. JANUS-MM includes sockets and support circuitry for GSM/GPRS and CDMA wireless communication modules from MultiTech, as well as 8-channel and 12-channel GPS receivers from Trimble Navigation.


GPIO-MM introduces a new concept in PC/104 I/O. The I/O functionality is implemented as logic cores in a Xilinx FPGA (field programmable gate array) with 200,000 system gates and 40K RAM bits. The FPGA code is stored in a flash memory on the board, enabling GPIO-MM to be reprogrammed in the field with different designs, including custom designs.


Utilizing our patented "Automatic Autocalibration" circuitry, DMM-32X-AT represents a breakthrough in embedded analog I/O technology. DMM-32X-AT not only contains built-in autocalibrating circuitry, but also knows when to recalibrate, and even does it completely on its own, without any user action. An on-board microcontroller manages the entire autocalibration process whenever needed, ensuring maximum measurement accuracy at all times. A built-in RS-232/485 port even lets you use the board without a CPU. DMM-32X-AT is 100% compatible with our top-selling DMM-32-AT and contains a full set of analog and digital I/O features. Free software for all popular embedded operating systems is included.


This DC/DC power supply provides up to 50 watts of power across 4 output voltages for vehicle-based applications. It includes 2 multi-protocol serial ports and operates over an extended temperature range. This 2-in-1 design helps to further reduce cost and size of PC/104 embedded systems and provides a real benefit for air and ground vehicle applications requiring the greatest reduction in size and weight.


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