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About E.E.P.D.

"Tomorrow's Technology Today"

Electronic Equipment Produktion & Distribution GmbH is a market leader of high performance and low power processor boards and systems with technology well suited for Industrial control, Test Equipment, Telecom and Mobile applications.

Specializing in rugged industrial grade computers able to sustain extreme conditions, E.E.P.D. delivers time and time again the most advanced and innovative PC/104-Plus processor boards, modules and adapters.

With Worldwide Headquarters in Weichs, Germany and U.S. operations based in Sunrise, Florida, E.E.P.D. offers ISO-9001 certified in-house Design, Development, full serial production and testing facilities.

Our success comes from early technology development, forging close relationships with Suppliers and Partners and above all, ensuring high quality innovative solutions.

An expanding product line, clear product migration path, comprehensive services and flexible approach present E.E.P.D. as the ideal Partner for high volume OEM projects and System Integrators.

Our PC/104 Products


ENVADER® is synonymous with optimum price/performance ratio combining the highest computing power and the lowest power consumption. The ENVADER IV is based on the new Intel® Pentium® M architecture and 915GM chipset. It offers 2x PCI Express lanes available to the user and 2x 1GBit Ethernet. In addition, it offers SATA, USB 2.0, Dual independent display and all other standard interfaces. The small PCI-104 compliant size and the fact that all standard connectors are already on board are the best assets for a fast time to market. ENVADER® CPU boards can be easily upgraded with standard or custom PC/104-Plus modules that connect to the PCI-bus.


The newest member of the PROFIVE family is the CPU M1VE. This board is one of the most powerful CPUs in the PCI-104 format on the world market. It should be pointed out that it is completely equipped with a VGA graphics adapter, a 100M Bit network interface at a remarkable low power consumption of approx. 10 watts at 400 MHz. This high integration, together with the performance of the Intel® Celeron® up to 1 GHz opens up completely new fields of application in areas such as real time picture processing, measurement technology, robotics and many future technologies which have not even been tapped yet.

We Also Offer
  • Custom designs for OEM customers
  • Hardware and software development
  • PCB-Services
  • Production and Testing

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    Worldwide Headquarters:
    EEPD GmbH
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    Web: http://www.eepd.com