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The EINDOS Design Center are special engage in small size Embedded Control and High Technology Hardware Products R&D. Distribution and Manufacture. Our strategic are: Developing customer-specific solutions, integrating new functions into Customer's Application products, cultivating long-term customer relationships.

When design engineers create complex industrial computer systems, they rely on the technical expertise, innovative products and outstanding service that EINDOS offers. And as embedded computer applications continue to grow, we are ensuring our industry leadership by strategically expanding our product lines to solve more customer problems. When you buy from EINDOS, you are buying more than just a product, you are receiving our team's engineering and manufacturing expertise along with the support of our dedicated professionals.


PC/104 CPU Modules

Intel® Pentium M-CPU (up to 1.6GHz), Graphics Controller, LAN, Sound, etc.

Intel® Celeron PIII CPU (up to 700MHz), USB, Serial, Graphics, IDE, etc.

Pentium MMX Compatible CPU (up to 250MHz), 4 serial ports, printer port, floppy, LAN, 2 USB, CF, IDE, etc.

AMD Elan520 133 MHz CPU, 4 serial, LAN, USB, IDE, matrix keyboard port, Disk-On-Chip, 12-bit 100KHz analog inputs/outputs, etc.


Development Kit

The EINDOS-PC/104-DEVELOPMENT-KIT can be designed special for EINDOS PC/104 series products evaluation, testing and debugging. The kit makes it easy for engineers to evaluate a PC/104 system by offering all standard PC interfaces to interface to CRT, TFT, serial port, LPT, keyboard, mouse, USB, harddisk drive, floppy, LAN and more. Just plug in an EINDOS PC/104 CPU board and use the system as a standard PC,


We Also Offer

  • Custom Products
  • ETX Modules
  • Technical Assistance


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