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About ept

We design and manufacture high quality precision electronic components for our customers as well as providing all necessary tooling and equipment necessary for press fit assembly within their plants.

From design to production of connectors and specialized press-fit equipment, our philosophy of personalized service reflects our commitment and innovative approach to satisfy our customers' needs. Other services provided to our customers include on-line analysis, just in time delivery and expert technical telephone support.

Our PC/104 Products

New PC/104 Plus press-fit connectors
Known from the desktop world, the PC/104 Plus connector has been added to the PC/104 spec by the PC/104 auditors. Recently, ept has developed an electromechanical connection with the PC/104 Plus connector system in press-fit technology. This connector system presents the J3 connector in accordance with the PC/104 Plus spec in a 2mm grid.

ept offers female 4x30 contact connectors, shrouds 4x30 contact and pin headers 2x30 contact as a standard for convenient stacking of Printed Circuit Boards (PCBs). In order to meet the requirements of PC/104 Plus with pin headers, two headers are pressed-in parallely (see sketch). This offers the use of pin headers as termination of a board-stack.

ept PC/104 Plus press-fit connectors offer a large number of advantages:

  • Male and Female connectors can be pressed in with the same ept press-fit tool in one single step, thus offering a time-saving production.
  • Female connectors can be mounted cost-effectively due to flat rock technology.
  • No costly manual soldering
  • No solder bridges due to solder-free press-fit connection.
  • Reduced inspection process
  • Shroud makes stand-offs unnecessary
  • Secure assembly of shroud and board by over pressing on the connector tails.


Press-Fit PC/104 Connectors
ept now offers the VarPol-PC/ 104 female connector in FlatRock pressfit design. This connector was developed for the stacking of PCBs (Piggyback, Sandwich) and is particularly well suited for use in PC/104 modules. These connectors are available in the J1 and J2 variation with 2x32 and 2x20 pins. They can be obtained with short or long pins according to the PC/104 standard.

Advantages of the PC/104 VarPol connector with pressfit pins are the following:

  • Both female connectors can be pressed in with ept tooling in a one step process. This saves time in the production process.
  • The expenses for the difficult hand soldering process are eliminated.
  • No rework on long pins which can occur with the solder process due to solder bridging.
  • Reduced testing requirements.
  • Reduced insertion and extraction forces resulting in less possibility of pin misalignement.

During the pressfit insertion of the PC/104 connector with long pins, a plastic guide is inserted onto the pins, offering the following advantages:

  • No bending or misalignement of the long pins.
  • This performs the function of the connector offset so that a seperation of 0,6" is obtained during the assembly of the modules.
  • Serves as a supported guide during the pressing in of the connector and helps prevent damage to circuit traces.

ept also supplies various other connectors which can be used in PC/104 applications.
A few examples:

  • DIN 41612 connectors in solder and pressfit version.
  • IC- and PGA-sockets in flat rock pressfit technology.
  • IC machined sockets in flat rock pressfit versions.
  • Pressfit pins with long pins on top and bottom (support element for PC/104 female contact).

See our web site for the details!

PC/104 Press-Fit Connector Tooling

See our web site for the details!

We Also Offer
  • DIN 41612 Solder Technology
  • DIN 41612 Press-fit Technology
  • 2mm hardmetric acc. IEC 61076-4-101
  • Connectors for Compact PCI Bussystems

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