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Date: Dec 18, 2000

From: Tina Leone

Subject: Need to acquire 1500 PC/104 boards

Dear Sirs, 
we are highly interested in acquiring about 1500 units of PC 104. Our 
configuration needs are: 
- CPU: 386sx 
- Clock: minimum 33 Mhz 
- Parallel Port 
- 2 Serial Port 
- keyboard 
- floppy adapter 
- IDE 
- RAM at minimum capacity/cost 
- SSD at minimum capacity/cost (PEROM) 
- DOS at minimum cost 
This configuration should be the best for our application larger about 100 
Please tell us your condition about price and terms of delivery. 
We look forward to hearing from you and send our best regards. 
Tina Leone 
R&D- Direction Secretary