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Date: Mar 15, 2001

From: Fran Purcell

Subject: Modular AX Pentium 233MMX System with PC/104 Interface

I've got some Modular AX PC's from by a company called  
Modular that was located in Boxborough, MA. (they are  
no longer in business). It's one of the most compact  
computers I've ever seen (9.5"x6.5"x2.5"), the units  
I have are Pentium 233MMX's with 64 Meg of ram,2 gig  
hard drive, serial,parallel,10/100 BaseT,VGA,PS2 mouse  
and keyboard ports are all integrated on the main  
system board. In addition to this the boards have a  
secondary IDE controller, floppy controller, as well  
as a PC/104 interface on the system board. Does anyone  
know of any technical info available on this board?  
Its got about 20 jumpers on it and I'm interested in  
knowing what they do. 
Thanks for the help!