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Date: Oct 16, 2002

From: Steve Rye - Datasound Laboratories Ltd.

Subject: REPLY: Wireless PC/104 cards

I don't know of any manufacturers that actually supply Wireless PC/104 cards (maybe there is one out there somewhere??), but it can be achieved by using a PCMCIA PC/104 card and a standard PCMCIA wireless LAN PCMCIA card. 
We can supply a single slot PC/104 PCMCIA card for only 69 (about $108). 
Please contact me if you wish to find out further information on +44 (0)1462 675530 or e-mail me on s.rye@dsl-ltd.co.uk. 
You could also visit our website at www.dsl-ltd.co.uk. 
Best Regards 
Steve Rye 
Datasound Laboratories Ltd.