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Date: Oct 29, 2004

From: Mr. Sidney Pinto da Cunha

Subject: Quotation Forms

Dear Mr. Ryan, 
A year ago, throughout FS - Automação & Controle Ltda, from Brazil, we 
acquired from you some EUROTECH some boards, 
likely you remember that. 
.Now again, we are needing the following items(or similar): 
1) COM-1270-00COM-1270 with 8 serials, 2 CAN, 16 Digital I/O and 
Ethernet ctrl (ACS-9070 required). 
(2 units of ) 
2) COM-1460 - PCI 3 channels FireWire IEEE-1394-1995 module. 
(2 units) 
Could you please send us a quotation for those components, now it 
could be by e-mail and after we ask a signed paper, but unhappily 
we need for today, because we are in rush getting sponsor for ours 
research projects. 
Tank you very for your kindly comprehension. 
Best Regards 
Sidney Pinto da Cunha