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About Micro/sys

Micro/sys is a leading designer and manufacturer of embedded single board computers, microcontrollers, and expansion modules in PC/104, PC/104-Plus, EPIC™, EBX, STD, and custom formats. Processors range from 8051 through Pentium, including extended temperature operation. Micro/sys integrates the maximum amount of I/O onto each board, making solutions compact and cost effective, with extensive software support.

PC/104 Expandable Computers
...ideal for ready-to-run embedded PCs

Small 486/586 Computer Rich with SuperVGA, Analog I/O, Digital I/O, and 10/100 Ethernet

EPIC Celeron/Pentium III Computer with GUI and Dual Ethernet

Fast Network PC/104 Computer With Low-Power ARM Processor

Pentium EBX Computer Synchronizes Data Acquisition with GPS

486/586 EPIC Computer Packs Powerful Data Acquisition, GPS, Wireless Communication

Advanced 486/586 PC/104 Computer with CompactFlash and Flat Panel

Pentium PC/104 Computer with CompactFlash

386EX PC/104 Computer with CompactFlash and PCMCIA

Advanced 486DX PC/104 Embedded PC

Advanced 486DX PC/104 Embedded PC (Extended Temperature)

Advanced PC/104-Plus Pentium Computer w/Industrial I/O and Ethernet

Advanced 486DX PC/104 Embedded PC

Advanced 486DX Computer w/100MHz Ethernet, Analog, and Digital I/O

Embedded 386EX PC w/Built-in TCP/IP Stack

Embedded 386EX PC w/Built-in UDP/IP Stack

Embedded 486DX PC w/Built-in TCP/IP Stack

Embedded 486DX PC w/Built-in UDP/IP Stack

386EX with Digital I/O, LCD, Keypad, A/D, D/A, Enhanced SCC, Ethernet

486DX Computer with A/D, D/A, TTL I/O, IDE, Kybd, Mouse.

486DX Computer with A/D, D/A, Serial, Ethernet & Built-in TCP/IP Stack.

Small, Turnkey 386EX PC/104 format Computer

Low-cost, Turnkey PC/104 format Computer

Ethernet-based 386EX Computer w/TTL, I/O, A/D, D/A

PC/104 Controller with Analog, Digital, Serial, and Built-in O/S

Ethernet-based Embedded PC with Built-in TCP/IP Stack


PC/104 Power Supplies

  • PS104 DC Power Supply for PC/104


PC/104 Expansion Modules

  • MPC555 PC/104 Module with A/D, D/A, TTL IO, and Timers has Linux Drivers
  • MPC624 24-Bit ADC with Instrumentation Grade Performance for PC/104
  • MPC560 High Accuracy Analog and Digital I/O for PC/104
  • MPC148 High Density Digital I/O and Timer for PC/104
  • MPC196 High Density Digital I/O for PC/104
  • PS104 DC Power Supply for PC/104
  • MPC560 High Accuracy Analog and Digital I/O for PC/104
  • MPC116 High Voltage, High Current, Opto Isolated I/O for PC/104
  • MPC205 VGA, CRT, AT KBD, Floppy Disk & IDE Interface for PC/104
  • MPC315 14.4K, 33.6K, 56K Modems for PC/104
  • MPC336 33.6K Baud Fax/Modem for PC/104
  • MPC425 Compact Flash to IDE Interface
  • MPC920 Universal CPLD Interface for PC/104
  • MPC132 Digital I/O, 32 Lines, High Current TTL drive
  • MPC201 LCD and Keypad Interface with Beeper
  • MPC204 VGA, Flatpanel, Touchscreen, and AT Keyboard
  • MPC302 Dual RS232 Serial Port, Single RS485 Option
  • MPC304 Quad RS232 Serial Port, RS485 Option
  • MPC356 Ethernet Adaptor, 10BASE-2 or 10BASE-T
  • MPC405 Floppy and IDE Disk Adaptor
  • MPC420 Dual PCMCIA Adaptor
  • MPC456 Solid State Disk Drive
  • MPC500 Multiplexed I/O (PAMUX/5B) Controller
  • MPC550 Analog, Digital, and Timer Combination I/O
  • MPC904 Mixed PC/104 and ISA Backplane
  • MPC910 PC/104 Prototyping Card

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We Also Offer
  • Enclosures, Flat Panels, Kiosks
  • Rack-based STD Bus Computers
  • 8051-based Microcontroller Boards
  • 19" Rack Mount industrial computers
  • Signal conditioning

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