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Micro Technic

Micro Technic

Visit our web site at: http://www.micro-technic.com

About Micro Technic

Micro Technic A-S was established in 1976 as an engineering company specializing in computer-based industrial automation, implementing custom-tailored turnkey systems in major Danish industries.

Micro Technic A-S believes, that there is a solution to every information technology need and has always implemented successful system design and development by basing the initial functional specification on clients needs.

Our PC/104 bus Products

Serial Communication Boards
   RS485 2-wire, 4-wire

Digital I/O Boards
   High-current outputs

Analog I/O Boards
   12-bit resolution
   0-20ma inputs
   Voltage/current outputs
   Low power
   Industrial emperature range

Power Supply Module
   Provides clean power to the PC104 bus
   On-board Flash SSD
   Integrated UPS
   On-Board Battery Charger

We Also Offer
  • Industrial PC's
  • Panel PC's
  • Barcode / Magnetic Terminals
  • Fan Control Products
  • KVM Switches
  • Dataloggers
  • System Integration Services
  • Design Engineering
  • Custom Software
  • Electronic Assembly
  • Distribution and Representation

Contact Us

Micro Technic A-S
Svenstrupvej 90
5260 Odense S, Denmark
Phone: +45 66153000
Fax: +45 66153077
E-Mail: sales@micro-technic.com
Web: http://www.micro-technic.com