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Feb 1, 2000

From Adastra Systems

DV-104™ Embedded Digital Video Module

WebSite: http://www.adastra.com

New module for advancing embedded multi-media solutions 
Adastra Systems Corporation announces the 
DV-104™, an exciting new digital video module for embedded applications. 
The DV-104 digitizes live video (NTSC, PAL, or SECAM) and outputs the 
digitized stream on a Zoomed Video bus. When combined with a Zoomed Video 
capable Single Board Computer (SBC) from Adastra’s Venus SBC family, the 
result is a system that can display live video in a window on a SVGA monitor 
(CRT or flat panel) and capture video at rates of 20 to 30 frames per 
The DV-104 comes in three forms: PC/104, PC/104-Plus, or standalone. The 
standalone form is a compact 3.6” x 2.8”. Its features include video 
digitization up to 640x480 pixels (NTSC); six composite or three S-Video 
inputs, or combinations; 3.3V digital video (Zoomed Video) output. 
The DV-104 -Venus combination is supported by a sophisticated software 
package. The support software defines an API that allows applications to 
easily display, manipulate, and capture live video in both GUI and non-GUI 
environments. Versions of the software are available for Windows®, QNX®, 
and Linux and support for other operating systems is planned. Sample 
applications demonstrate video windowing for QNX running Photon microGUI® 
and Linux running X-Windows. The Windows version supports the latest version 
of DirectX, version 7.0, and an OCX control. 
Marc Brown, president of Adastra Systems says, “The DV-104 plus Venus 
combination is great for embedded multimedia and video applications. It’s 
an ideal design for information kiosks, video-on-demand systems, game 
applications, security systems and much more.” 
Versions are available for $95.00 in lots of 100. For information, contact 
Jim O’Brien at 510.732.6900 (voice), 510.732.7655 (fax), or 
sales@adastra.com (email). 
About Adastra Systems: 
Adastra Systems Corporation designs and manufactures embedded subsystems for 
the OEM market. The Adastra Systems family of embedded products includes 
single board computers, embedded peripheral and I/O adapters, and hardware 
and software development tools. One of the Jumptec Group of embedded PC 
companies, Adastra’s headquarters are located near Silicon Valley in 
Hayward, California. The company has a strong customer base in a variety of 
industries, including medical instrumentation, manufacturing automation, 
multimedia systems, mobile computing and scientific and test equipment. For 
more information, contact Adastra at Tel: 510-732-6900, Fax: 510-732-7655, 
and on the web at http://www.adastra.com.