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Feb 4, 2000

From EMJ Embedded Systems

EMJ Embedded Systems Introduces White Dwarf Linux

Contact Name: Kathleen Conroy
Contact Email: kathleen@emji.net
WebSite: http://www.emjembedded.com/linux

EMJ Embedded Systems, a leading 
distributor of embedded solutions, has lowered the costs for 
developing embedded applications. 
Its white dwarf linux (wd linux) 1.0 is now available at 
Containing more than 40 software packages, including a web browser, an 
Apache 1.3.11 web server and email capability, white dwarf 1.0 is 
based on the most recent Linux kernel: 2.2.14. 
This tiny distribution of Linux is ideal for Internet appliances, 
process control, medical equipment, industrial automation, wireless 
applications and testing equipment. 
“Linux is the wave of the future when it comes to embedded 
applications,” EMJ Embedded Systems Vice President Mark Estill says. 
“Because wd linux is open source, developers have the ability to 
modify their applications whenever they want. Gone are the days of 
paying huge licensing fees for a proprietary operating system.” 
Continuing, Estill adds,“With wd linux, engineers can use the Internet 
to monitor or trouble shoot embedded controllers in the field or in 
the factory.” 
Named for a White Dwarf Star, which is a small but extremely dense 
star, white dwarf linux is small enough to load on embedded PCs but 
dense enough to contain the features embedded applications demand 
- A fully graphical package-based installer that allows developers to 
choose the exact features they need for their applications 
- TCP/ip tools including ftp, telnet, ping, hostname, ftpd, telnetd 
- Mailx to allow sending and receiving of email 
- A full-featured terminal emulation package 
- A stripped down Apache 1.3.11 web server 
- gcc development tools 
- ppp drivers and scripts 
- vim, a modern vi replacement 
white dwarf linux for SBCs 
wd linux currently runs on JUMPtec single board computers including 
the DIMM-PC, the MOPSlcd4 , and the MOPS586. The roadmap calls for 
it to support all JUMPtec and Adastra single board computers with 
support for other platforms in the future. 
wd linux consists of a 1.44MB bootdisk and a 1.44MB rootdisk. The 
bootdisk contains the kernel, while the rootdisk contains the 
installer needed to do a network install of wd linux. Currently v1.0 
is a package-based install that can be from 5MB to over 50MB depending 
on the options chosen. It is designed to download directly to the 
DIMM-PC's onboard flash or a chipDISK flash drive on the MOPS boards, 
or to an IDE Drive. 
DIMM-PC, MOPSlcd4 and the MOPS586 
JUMPtec’s DIMM-PC/486 measures only 40x68 mm (1.57 x 2.68 inches) but 
packs the same punch as a standard 486 PC. DIMM-PC/486 ships with 16 
MB of DRAM, 16 MB of IDE compatible flash and supports two serial 
ports and a parallel port, as well as floppy and hard drive 
interfaces, a real time clock and watchdog timer, and an I2C-bus. 
Ethernet and VGA/LCD capabilities are controlled by an optional 
DIMM-PC I/O module. 
The MOPSlcd4 and MOPS586 boards from JUMPtec are PC/104 single board 
computers. Both feature an AMD 586 133MHz processor and 4MB of DRAM 
and support ethernet, two serial ports, a parallel port, floppy and 
harddrive, keyboard, real time clock and watchdog timer. The MOPSlcd4 
supports VGA/CRT and LCD. 
EMJ Embedded Systems, a division of EMJ America Inc., distributes a 
full line of single board computers, Flash solutions, PC Card disk 
drives, PC Card readers, PC/104 add-on cards, PC/104 peripherals, 
alphanumeric displays, software and enclosures. EMJ is a publicly 
traded company with revenues of $150 million and can be found on the 
Toronto Stock Exchange under the symbol EMJ. (T.EMJ for Internet quote 
servers). Visit EMJ America online at http://www.emj.com. 
JUMPtec® Industrielle Computertechnik AG is a leading developer and 
marketer of high integration CPU and LCD controller boards for 
industrial applications. JUMPtec was founded in 1991 by a team of 
industry veterans and has extensive experience in PC technology and 
high integration design techniques. JUMPtec is a publicly traded 
company on the New Market. http://www.jumptec.com 
LINUX is a trademark of Linus Torvalds.