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June, 2000

From Arcom Control Systems

SBC has small size, high performance for harsh environments

Contact Name: Frank Pellitta
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We've introduced a new single board computer (SBC), the ELAN-104NC. The ELAN-104NC was designed with particular emphasis for use in harsh environments such as transportation, automation, and communication applications.  
The ELAN-104NC provides the performance and reliability of previous generation boards, with the addition of on-board Ethernet, all at a reduced cost. The SBC features the low power, high performance 100MHz Elan SC400 CPU from AMD surrounded by a host of functionality including: (3) serial ports, on-board SVGA video, 10baseT Ethernet, 16MBytes of DRAM, 8MBytes of local Flash, parallel I/O and PC/104 expansion.  
The ELAN-104NC measures 4 x 6" and includes a full compliment of power management utilities which makes it ideal for tight spaces in areas which have restricted air flow. The board is supplied as standard with Datalight's ROM-DOS pre-installed and has the backing of a full suite of software development tools offered by Arcom. These tools include drivers for Windows CE and QNX. Fully packaged Development Kits are available to reduce development lead times and to provide users with all technical data and software utilities.  
Arcom manufactures a full line of PC/104 peripheral boards, which can be used with the ELAN-104NC that includes: Digital and Analog I/O, CAN Bus, Multi-Serial port boards, and Motion Control boards.  
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Arcom Control Systems is an international company specializing in embedded control technology and services for industrial applications. Arcom products are designed for ease of integration so that systems can be constructed easily and rapidly from simple building blocks. With development centers in Kansas City, Missouri and Cambridge, England and with ISO 9001 certification Arcom has achieved record growth since its inception in 1982.  
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