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Oct 26, 2000

From VersaLogic Corp.

New Universal CompactFlash Adapter from VersaLogic

WebSite: http://www.versalogic.com/ds/cfa.htm

Eugene, OR - VersaLogic Corp. introduces a new universal interface which allows CompactFlash(tm) modules to be used with any system that includes a standard IDE (hard drive) connector.  
CompactFlash modules are widely available from a number of manufacturers. This solid-state storage medium with no moving parts is ideal for program and data storage in embedded and ruggedized applications. CompactFlash modules are available in a wide range of sizes, and measure only 1.4" x 1.7" x 0.12" thick.  
The new adapter board from VersaLogic measures 2.6" x 2.7" and accepts both Type I and the new Type II modules. Type II modules include the IBM Microdrive, a tiny hard drive currently available in capacities from 340 MB to 1 GB. Type II compatibility also allows the use of larger capacity Flash modules. Type II modules are similar to Type I, but are about 0.2" thick. 
Once the adapter is in place, the CompactFlash or Microdrive module appears to the system hardware to be a standard disk drive. Unlike DiskOnChip(tm) modules and other Flash storage systems, no drivers or operating system support is needed for operation of the CompactFlash  
module. It is fully compatible with any operating system that can access a disk drive. The plug-in module can be the system boot device and contain the OS, application program, and application data. 
An 18" cable between the system and the adapter board allows the adapter to be mounted to a front-panel slot, or other easily accessible location. Remote access allows the CompactFlash module to be easily removed or changed in the system which is ideal for field diagnostics or system software upgrades. The remove access capability extends to systems running larger operating systems, such as Windows(tm), since a plug-in Microdrive module (physical hard drive) can be used in the adapter. The Microdrive modules are available in the larger storage capacities required for these OSs. 
The VL-CFA-1 is available in versions to interface with 40-pin, 0.1-inch IDE connectors and 44-pin, 2mm IDE connectors. It is priced at $70 in 100-unit quantities and is currently available from stock. A selection of CompactFlash modules and drives are also available from stock to populate the VL-CFA-1. 
For additional information contact VersaLogic Corp. at (541) 485-8575, or visit their on-line catalog at www.versalogic.com.