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September 26, 2000

From BittWare

BittWare Delivers MATLAB Target for SHARC DSPs

WebSite: http://www.bittware.com

New software tool enables rapid prototyping and deployment of embedded DSP software 

SAN JOSE, CA -- BittWare, Inc., the industry's 
number-one provider of embedded SHARC® based DSP solutions, 
announced today the availability of Sharc® LAB™, a MATLAB® target 
for real-time prototyping and deployment of DSP applications on SHARC 
DSPs. Designed exclusively for BittWare by SDL, SharcLAB allows you 
to use MATLAB to graphically develop code for BittWare's SHARC DSP 
"I am pleased that BittWare is, once again, making it quicker and easier 
for our customers to implement DSP solutions. The SharcLAB target, 
coupled with our optimized SpeedDSP libraries, will greatly reduce the 
man-hours required to implement algorithms developed in MATLAB. And, 
since it also facilitates real world debugging and tuning in MATLAB, it 
will significantly improve time-to-market for systems using BittWare DSP 
boards" said Jeffry Milrod, President of BittWare.  
Details about SharcLAB 
SharcLAB is a MATLAB target that supports all SHARC DSPs and 
provides a high-level graphical programming environment for BittWare 
DSP boards. SharcLAB integrates seamlessly with MATLAB, 
Simulink®, Stateflow®, and Real-Time Workshop® to allow a nearly 
automatic transition from MATLAB-based algorithm development to 
executable DSP code. SharcLAB supports both signal flow and 
event-based programming and interactive graphical debugging, including 
"on-the-fly" parameter tuning and signal monitoring and visualization. 
Remote operation and stand-alone code generation are also supported. 
SpeedDSP Optimized Math Library Blockset 
BittWare's SpeedDSP is a collection of fully optimized C-callable 
functions written for the ADSP-21xxx families of SHARC DSPs, 
including SIMD optimizations for the 2116x. A MATLAB blockset is 
available to integrate SpeedDSP optimized math libraries with 
SharcLAB, allowing for highly optimized DSP code generation from 
SharcLAB is currently available and is priced starting at $3,995. The 
SpeedDSP Blockset is available November 1, and is priced starting at 
About SDL 
SDL provides R&D engineering services to customers with vibration, 
monitoring, control and general system dynamics design and 
troubleshooting needs. Through its partnership with BittWare, design 
services are available to customize SharcLAB to meet specific 
requirements of any application. For further information on SDL, please 
visit their website at www.sdltd.com.  
About BittWare, Inc. 
Founded in 1989, BittWare, Inc., an ISO 9001 certified company, is the 
leading supplier of SHARC based DSP boards. BittWare exclusively 
uses Analog Devices' (ADI) SHARC technology to provide innovative 
standard and application-specific solutions for high-performance, 
real-time signal processing applications. Product offerings address OEM 
needs from prototype-to-production and span a variety of platforms, 
including PCI, CompactPCI, PC/104, PC/104-Plus, PMC, and 
stand-alone. BittWare, Inc., is a member of the Analog Devices DSP 
Collaborative™, a network of companies that provide development tools 
and off-the-shelf solutions to designers using ADI DSPs. For more 
information on BittWare and their innovative DSP solutions please visit 
our Web site: www.bittware.com.  
SHARC is a registered trademark of Analog Devices, Inc. DSP Collaborative is a 
trademark of Analog Devices, Inc. MATLAB, Simulink, Stateflow, and Real-Time 
Workshop are trademarks of MathWorks. CompactPCI is a registered trademark of PCI 
Industrial Manufacturers' Group. PC/104 and PC/104-Plus are trademarks of the PC/104 
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