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November 24, 2000 2.39PM

From Hitex Automation

Single Board PC with Hitachi SuperH SH4 Processor

Contact Name: Thomas Ruf
Contact Email: TRuf@hitex.de
WebSite: http://www.hitex-automation.de

The HiCOSH4 comprises of a CORE-Module and a PC/104 Baseboard. The CORE-Module accommodates the processor and its peripheral devices. Connectivity to the outside world is provided using fine-pitch connectors. The CORE-module can be used without the Baseboard to provide production cost optimization in high-volume projects. Alternatively, the CORE-Module can be mounted onto the PC104-Baseboard using its fine-pitch connectors. This solution offers the developer customization without the risk and cost of redesigning the module containing the processor and is therefore suitable for prototyping in the lab as well as for projects involving small to medium volumes of production.  
The CORE-Module, HiCO-SH4-core contains: 
- SuperH SH4 Processor with 167MHz (HD6417750-167) 
- On-board memory: 8MB Flash / 16 MB RAM 
- USB, PS/2 Keyboard/Mouse interface, AC97 Audio-Codec and serial interfaces (through Companion-Chip HD64465) 
- VGA-Graphic controller with 1.2MB video memory and LCD/CRT-support 
- Ethernet-Interface 
- Bus-Interface, corresponding to the ISA-Bus 
- Fine-Pitch-connectors that can be mounted onto any baseboard 
The Baseboard HiCO-SH4-base extends the CORE-Module into a PC/104-Unit and offers: 
- PC/104-Interface expansions (16-Bit) 
- Connector for Compact-Flash 
- Direct connecion for color LCD-displays 
- Audio interface