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March 28, 2001

From Arcom Controls

Arcom Control Systems Unveils New Low Cost EBX Platform

Contact Name: Frank Pellitta
Contact Email: fpellitta@arcomcontrols.com
WebSite: http://www.arcomcontrols.com/pr/released/GX1_ESS_pr.htm

March 28th, 2001 – Arcom Control Systems today announced the release of the SBC-GX1, designed specifically for high volume embedded applications where reliability, low power and long term availability are a must. The SBC-GX1 is the ideal solution for industries such as process automation, communications, transportation, environmental control and others requiring a high performance single board computer at an extremely competitive cost. 
The SBC-GX1 EBX compliant single board computer is based on the popular Geode GX-1 Multimedia processor from National Semiconductor, and is surrounded by a host of functionality including 10/100 BaseTX Ethernet, (4) high speed serial ports, dual USB ports, SVGA video (LCD and CRT), digital I/O, parallel port and hard/floppy drive controller. Bus expansion is achieved via PC104 bus and PCI slot, and on-board DRAM and Flash are expanded via a 144-pin SODIMM and Type II Compact Flash socket. 
As with all Arcom processors, the SBC-GX1 will be available with the most popular embedded Operating Systems pre-loaded and ready to run. Arcom’s award winning line of Software Development Kits include Windows CE 3.0, Windows Embedded NT 4.0, Embedded Linux, QNX, VxWorks and DOS. Unlike other embedded board manufacturers who require the customer to deal with a third party for OS integration support, Arcom Controls’ staff of Software Engineers provide all hardware builds and support at no extra cost. 
“By combining the reliability of proven embedded designs (which reduces customer down-time), and providing customers an easy to use, integrated hardware/software platform (which speeds time-to-market), Arcom is able to offer our customer base the unique combination of a rugged, reliable solution which is also priced aggressively,” states Frank Pellitta, VP of Sales and Marketing. “This makes the SBC-GX1 a real value in the embedded controls market.” 
About Arcom Control Systems, Inc. 
Arcom Control Systems is an international company specializing in embedded control technology and services for industrial applications. Arcom products are designed for ease of integration so that systems can be constructed easily and rapidly from simple building blocks. With development centers in Kansas City, Missouri and Cambridge, England and with ISO 9001 certification Arcom has achieved record growth since its inception in 1982. 
For any queries regarding Arcom's PR, please contact: Frank Pellitta, Tel: (888)941- 2224 
e-mail: fpellitta@arcomcontrols.com