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Apr 10, 2001

From Diamond Systems

PROMETHEUS(TM) Feature-Rich Embedded CPU

Contact Name: Kurt Kleinschmidt
Contact Email: kurt@diamondsystems.com
WebSite: http://www.diamondsystems.com

PROMETHEUSTM provides important user benefits of reduced  
cost, size, and time to market by combining CPU, fast  
Ethernet, data acquisition, and a full complement of  
system I/O onto a single PC/104 board 
San Francisco, CA - April 10, 2001 - Diamond Systems  
today announces at Embedded Systems Conference West  
the new PROMETHEUS™ CPU board. PROMETHEUS is a powerful,  
feature rich solution that is unparalleled in the market  
today. It combines the highly integrated ZF Micro Devices  
ZFx86 - FailSafe™ Embedded PC-on-a-Chip with a 10/100  
Ethernet port, data acquisition, serial ports, and more  
in the very rugged and popular PC/104 form factor. With  
this all-inclusive feature set, Diamond Systems has  
created a unique product that integrates three standard  
boards into one. This allows for a smaller, highly  
rugged, lower cost solution that is easier to assemble  
and greatly reduces time to market for a wide variety  
of applications. 
PROMETHEUS was designed to perform as a stand alone  
solution or as the base board for use in a wide array  
of products for military/aerospace, process control,  
transportation, medical equipment, industrial automation,  
vending machines and kiosks, among others. When used as  
a stand-alone unit or combined with any of Diamond's  
30-plus other PC/104 boards, PROMETHEUS enables a system  
designer to quickly and easily build a robust embedded  
system with dramatically reduced time to market. The  
solution will be small, rugged, feature rich, powerful,  
and less costly than ever before. 
PROMETHEUS provides the following important features and  
¨ High level of integration reduces size, weight, cost,  
and assembly time 
¨ Full set of system I/O provides flexibility and  
compatibility with a wide array of applications,  
extending the usability of the product across multiple  
programs within a company 
¨ Unique cable-free I/O connection system reduces  
assembly time and greatly improves reliability and  
¨ Easy panel mount capability substantially reduces  
the cost and effort of designing a suitable enclosure 
¨ All-in-one design reduces vendor base and manufacturing  
logistics for the OEM user 
¨ Complete solution, including innovative and compact  
packaging, reduces OEM product development efforts and  
enables quicker time to market for new products 
The processor used on PROMETHEUS is the ZF Micro Devices  
ZFx86 PC-on-a-Chip. This device has very high integration,  
yet low power consumption (typically 500mW with advanced  
power management). The ZFx86 also has a large number of  
important features built in, such as Failsafe Boot ROM  
and Z-tag interface for easy end-user ROM updates. ZF  
Micro Devices has made a long-term commitment to the  
ZFx86 family, which makes this device ideal as a platform  
for designing embedded CPU boards. 
"The level of functionality Diamond Systems has been able  
to incorporate on a single PC/104 module by utilizing the  
ZF Micro Devices ZFx86 PC-on-a-Chip is truly astounding.  
It is a product that will provide their customers with an  
unparalleled level of reliability combined with excellent  
system flexibility. As the original creator of the PC/104  
concept, I am truly amazed to see how far Diamond Systems  
has advanced the state of the art," said David Feldman,  
President of ZF Micro Devices. 
Diamond Systems PROMETHEUS Embedded CPU, continued 
To fully realize the benefits of PROMETHEUS, Diamond  
Systems is also introducing an innovative PC/104 interface  
board and enclosure that eliminate all I/O cables and  
allows designers to build a complete packaged system  
that is only 1.25" thick. This ultra-compact unit is the  
smallest complete x86-based standard architecture embedded  
solution available in the PC/104 market today.  
"We are very excited about the introduction of PROMETHEUS.  
This new CPU board, combined with our innovative compact  
and cable-free packaging, truly achieves the promises of  
PC/104, which are compact size, rugged design, and  
accelerated time to market." said Jonathan Miller,  
President and CEO of Diamond Systems. "PROMETHEUS  
simplifies embedded system development time and allows  
product developers more time and resources to devote to  
their own areas of expertise. Our customers will achieve  
greater efficiency and profitability and will be able to  
respond to their own customer demands in a quicker and  
more cost-effective manner." 
A detailed list of key features is provided below: 
CPU and System I/O Features 
¨ ZF Micro Devices ZFx86 486-equivalent processor running  
at 100MHz 
¨ 32MB RAM 
¨ Floppy drive connector 
¨ IDE with support for standard HDD, solid state compact  
flash module, or IBM MicroDriveÔ 
¨ 4 serial ports, 1 parallel port 
¨ 2 USB ports 
¨ Watchdog I/O 
¨ 10/100Mbps Ethernet 
¨ ATX power supply compatibility 
¨ IrDA port 
¨ PC/104 form factor and expansion bus 
¨ -40°C to +85°C operating temperature 
¨ Operating systems include DOS, ROMDOS, Windows 95/98/2000, 
Linux and VxWorks 
¨ Internal PCI bus for high-performance customization 
¨ Easy cable-free panel mount capabilities 
Data Acquisition Features 
¨ 16 analog inputs, 16-bit resolution with programmable  
¨ Interrupt-based A/D conversions up to 25KHz 
¨ 4 analog outputs, 12-bit resolution 
¨ 24 digital I/O with programmable direction 
¨ 2 counter/timers for A/D timing, event timing, and  
totalizing/counting functions 
Availability for the PROMETHEUS is slated for May 2001.  
Price for the PROMETHEUS will be $700 in quantities 1-9  
and $550 for quantities of 100 or more. Pricing will vary  
based on configuration. 
About the Company 
Diamond Systems Corporation was founded in 1989, was one  
of the first computer peripheral manufacturers to adopt  
the PC/104 standard for embedded control systems. Today  
the company is a leading supplier of PC/104 CPU, data  
acquisition, serial port, and power supply modules to  
customers designing embedded control systems. In addition  
to standard products, the company also designs custom I/O  
boards for OEM embedded systems designers. Additional  
company and product information can be found on the web  
at www.diamondsystems.com