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July 21, 2001

From VersaLogic Corporation

Fast Analog + Digital PC/104 Module

Contact Name: Kristin Allen
Contact Email: KristinAllen@VersaLogic.com
WebSite: http://www.VersaLogic.com

VersaLogic Introduces Fast Analog + Digital PC/104 Module 
Eugene, OR VersaLogic Corp. introduces a new high-speed data acquisition and control module for PC/104 systems. The 200 kHz analog and digital I/O module includes 16 analog input channels, two analog output channels, and two digital I/O ports in a standard 3.8" X 3.6" PC/104 size. 
The high resolution 16-bit analog inputs use a high speed 5 msec converter for fast (200 kHz) throughput. Sixteen input channels have selectable ranges of +/-5V or +/-10V giving resolutions of 153 V or 305 V respectively. Automatic channel scanning modes with DMA data transfers are also supported. Calibration of the analog section is accomplished using digital potentiometers to eliminate manual adjustments. In addition, the non-volatile EEPROM used to store calibration values has free space available for user data. 
The two independent 12-bit, 0-5V or 0-10V analog output channels will drive 2K ohm loads and settle within 5 msec. The analog I/O connector is compatible with the industry standard 5B01 Series of signal conditioner racks. 
The module also includes two 8-bit high current (source or sink 24 ma) digital I/O ports. The 16-line digital interface is directly compatible (both electrically and mechanically) with Opto 22 style Solid State Relay racks.  
This new I/O module was designed to offer very high accuracy and reliability while minimizing cost, size, and power consumption. It is an excellent choice for data acquisition, process control, automatic testing, and factory automation. The VCM-DAS-2 is priced at $320 in 100-unit quantities and will be available in September, 2001. 
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For additional information contact VersaLogic Corp. at (541) 485-8575,  
or visit their on-line catalog at www.versalogic.com.