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December 6, 2001 8:00AM

From Sensoray Company

Frame Grabber for PC/104+

Contact Name: Colette Roth
Contact Email: colette@sensoray.com
WebSite: http://www.sensoray.com

The Sensoray Model 311 Frame Grabber for PC/104+ features high frame rate using the 
PC/104+ bus, color or monochrome: PAL, SECAM, NTSC, RS-170 and CCIR compatible. Model 
311 has four composite video inputs or three composite and one S-video. Eight TTL I/O  
lines for camera control, programmable AGC, hue, contrast and saturation. Optional  
enhanced SDK for Windows 98/2000/NT. Optional DOS and Linux drivers also available. 
Model 311 can transfer 30 frames per second with the supplied software. Supports a variety 
of digital formats including RGB24 and Y8 that are directly compatible with Windows bitmaps. 
The Model 311 uses special circuitry to achieve horizontal and subcarrier synchronization to  
incoming video. Model 311 guarantees generation of the required pixel/line from a video source  
in which line length can vary by several microseconds. This circuitry allows the 311 adapter to  
lock on to video signals regardless of the source. The technique is completely digital. 
The Model 311 includes a softare development kit, that includes a C-language sample program that 
allows capturing and saving color and monochrome images. It illustrates the 311's scaling feature 
and shows how to call the included DLL from a C program. The supplied 32-bit DLL supports interrupts 
and multiple DMA buffers that may be scattered within the host's memory.