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February 28, 2002 9AM

From Advanced Micro Peripherals Ltd

Tiny886ULP - Ultra Low Power Crusoe PC/104+ Computer

Contact Name: Lee Foss
Contact Email: sales@ampltd.com
WebSite: http://www.ampltd.com

AMP Ltd are proud to announce the first PC/104+ computer  
featuring Transmeta's ( http://www.transmeta.com ) ground-breaking Ultra Low Power Crusoe Processors. 
The Tiny886ULP features an x86-compatible Crusoe CPU with 640KBytes of Cache, on-board Graphics Accelerator, up to 512MBytes SDRAM, 100MBit Ethernet, serial/parallel/USB, etc 
in standard PC/104+ footprint. 
With average power consumption of less than 5W (max of less than 10W) at a blistering 667MHz speed, the Tiny886ULP provides exceptional level of integration, performance, low power dissiptaion (fanless) for the widest range of embedded applications. 
The Tiny886ULP series exceptionally low power consumption means that only a passive heat sink is required for system cooling even at very high clock speeds. 
As with all AMP Ltd PC/104 products, the Tiny886ULP is provided with support for the major Operating Systems including Windows98/NT/2000/XT, Linux, etc.  
A range of RTOS such as QNX, VxWorks are to be supported.