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Mar, 7, 2002

From EMJ Embedded Systems

EMJ Distributing Lite Array EL Display Panels

Contact Name: Kathleen Conroy
Contact Email: kathleen@emj.com
WebSite: http://www.emjembedded.com

Pittsboro, NC -- 7 March 2002 -- EMJ Embedded Systems is pleased to announce 
that it now offers revolutionary Thin Film Electroluminescent Flat Display 
Panels from Lite Array. 
Unaffected by extremes in temperature, shock, or vibration, Lite Array's 
TFEL monochromatic display panels have proven themselves to be failsafe in 
the harshest of environments. They are ideal for use in heavy industrial, 
medical, military, and transportation applications as each is capable of 
withstanding 100Gs of shock and temperature extremes of minus 40C to plus 85C. 
Additionally, the displays' high contrast panels are viewable from 160 
degrees and feature a brightness that makes them extremely readable both 
indoors and in outdoor settings. 
In medical settings, they are ideal for patient monitors, defibrillators, 
anesthesia ventilators, and also in medical imaging and blood analysis 
applications. They are also the perfect choice for high vibration settings 
such as trains and subways, fire trucks and other service vehicles as well 
as for industrial process control and factory automation. 
Lite Array display panels are available in 320 x 240 quarter VGA, 320 x 80, 
160 x 80, 480 x 240 and 320 x 256 resolutions. 
EMJ Embedded Systems Vice President, Mark Estill, says, "We are very 
pleased to offer our customers these revolutionary highly readable and 
highly reliable EL display panels. They perform flawlessly under the most 
extreme conditions and are ideal for use in medical, industrial, 
transportation, and military applications." 
EMJ Embedded Systems provides same day shipping on all orders and retains a 
highly trained sales staff. 
About Lite Array 
Lite Array manufactures electronic displays using high volume, low cost, 
high quality, inorganic thin film EL (TFEL) technology. Visit Lite Array 
online at www.litearray.com 
About EMJ Embedded Solutions 
EMJ Embedded Systems, a division of EMJ America Inc., distributes a full 
line of single board computers, Flash solutions, PC Card disk drives, PC 
Card readers, PC/104 add-on cards, PC/104 peripherals, alphanumeric 
displays, software and enclosures. EMJ is a publicly traded company with 
revenues of $150 million and can be found on the Toronto Stock Exchange 
under the symbol EMJ. (T.EMJ for Internet quote servers). Visit EMJ 
Embedded online at http://www.emjembedded.com. 
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