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March 18, 2002 2:50 PM

From EEPD North America Inc .

The All-New ENVADERŪ Product Series

Contact Name: Martina C Schramm
Contact Email: Martina.Schramm@eepd.com
WebSite: http://www.eepd.com

A brief look at "The All-New ENVADERŪ " product series developed by E.E.P.D. will convince you of this high-quality, high-speed solution for an industrial CPU board .  
The ENVADERŪ product line comprises the following CPU boards: 
ENVADERŪ - 6,3" 6,3" industrial solution - A NEW DIMENSION! 
ENVADERŪ is the synonym for optimum price/performance ratio with the highest computing power and the lowest power consumption .  
The small PC/104-Plus compliant size and the fact that all standard connectors are already on board , are the best assets for a fast time to market . ENVADERŪ CPU boards can be easily upgraded with standardor custom PC/104-Plus boards that connect to the PCI-bus. 
By utilizing intelligent design, the ENVADERŪ system is optional ISA-bus compatible.Currently , available versions range from 300MHz to 700MHz CPU speed .  
Aditionally there are versions available with passive cooling only .  
The ENVADERŪ series is prepared for the future to accomodate new upcoming processors and interfaces . 
Another contribution to cost savings is the us of a standard ATX power supply . The ENVADERŪ series are excellent proposals to OEM solutions for mobile applications i.e. trucks, buses or trains .  
The ENVADERŪ generation covers all the industry needs for a low cost but high quality solution combined with low power consumption in a unique mixture. By a consequent approach these needs could all be met by exploiting our extensive design and production experience in combination with the Know-How of E.E.P.D. A modular concept which makes ENVADERŪ series the ideal choice for industrial as well as mobile applications