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March 13, 2002

From WinSystems, Inc.

PC/104-Plus Audio Accelerator Module Provides a Sound Solution

Contact Name: Emily Beckner
WebSite: http://www.winsystems.com/press/ws201.doc

WinSystems' PPM-Audio provides high-quality voice and sound reproduction for embedded systems. It can record, compress, store, and playback voice, sound, and music. An extensive selection of audio inputs and outputs on multiple I/O connectors make the PPM-Audio easily adaptable to various application configurations. The PPM-Audio module is small, measuring 90 x 96 mm (3.6- x 3.8-in.), and is PC/104-Plus compliant for space-limited industrial designs. 
Based upon the ESS Technology ES1980 Maestro-3 chip, the PPM-Audio includes an advanced audio signal processor that provides simultaneous support for multiple audio streams. With the built-in DSP core, the ES1980 uses its dedicated DMA engine to handle complex signal processing tasks with a bus-mastering PCI interface that connects directly to the PC/104-Plus bus. The support functions ensure efficient transfer of audio data streams to and from system memory buffers, providing a system solution with maximum performance and minimal host CPU loading.  
There are seven external I/O sources for the board. They are Microphone Input, Line Input, CD Input, Auxiliary Input, Joystick, Line Output, and Speaker Output. The module is designed to work with x86-compatible single board computers that support PC/104-Plus expansion. It is compatible with Windows' SoundSystem and also supports DOS legacy audio programs. 
Delivery is from stock to 2-weeks. Please contact WinSystems Application Engineering Group for further information on the PPM-Audio, Tel: 817-274-7553 or http://www.winsystems.com