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July 5, 2002 2:00PM

From Sensoray Company

MPEG2 Video over IP

Contact Name: Colette Roth
Contact Email: colette@sensoray.com
WebSite: http://www.sensoray.com/html/2412data.htm

Sensoray Company has developed the Model 2412 MPEG2 Video board to be used over IP. The 2412 is a complete video-over-IP streaming solution. Model 2412 offers encoding and decoding. The system is supplied with all the software required to stream video over an Ethernet using the UDP or RTP protocol. The board is additionally supplied with specially configured Linux for high reliability and fast response. The 2412 can be supplied with an enclosure and with the Model 530 power supply will support five PC/104 boards. A communication board may be also added to the stack to provide external communication. The 2412?s CPU relays pan, tilt and zoom command from the Ethernet port or the communication board to one of RS-232 ports. The 2412 offers multicasting where as video streams from 2412?s may be viewed simultaneously by several clients on the same network. An optional accessory, the Sensoray stream player, can be used with 2412 to allow viewing of an image stream, with less than one second of latency which allows real-time adjustment of a camera?s position. Easy setup using a web browser. Wireless operation is possible by adding a 340 wireless ethernet and omni antenna. This PC/104-Plus option board adds wireless 802.11b Ethernet operation over a two hundred foot distance. The range can be extended by using a directional antenna. The 340 wireless ethernet uses the spread spectrum frequency hopping technique to transmit MPEG data at up to 3 megabits per second.