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July 15, 2002 2:00 PM

From Arbor Technology Corp.

Arbor's VIA Eden/Ezra EBX SBC Outperforms all Others in Its Class

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Arbor is launching its economical yet high performance EBX Miniboard, the EmCORE-v615, to the market. With the ability to accept fanless VIA processors up to 800 MHz, and integrating three 10/100 Mbps Ethernet ports, the quiet and low power consuming EmCORE-v615 is a powerful platform in communication-intensive applications.  
Super multimedia features include a 3D engine 4X AGP VGA/LCD controller, an AC97 audio interface, an LVDS interface, and a TV output function providing multiple application requirements. By deploying an EBX form factor, the EmCORE-v615 has the processing power and reliability to handle your mission critical applications, and flexibility in a portable package that adheres to tight budget demands. 
Super Cool VIA Eden Processor Provide Maximum Power with Minimum Heat 
The EmCORE-v615 accommodates an onboard VIA Ezra up to 800 MHz or Eden processor up to 667 MHz, the processors typically consuming fewer than 9 watts. This low power consumption along with the fanless operation in temperatures up to 60°C make this board more reliable and stable for continuous work in the most demanding conditions. The VIA Eden processor brings the industry’s highly advanced 0.13 and 0.15 micron technology to Arbor’s embedded product line, which allows users to enjoy accelerated speed and efficiency, but uses the lowest power for any x86 processor at this performance level.  
Triple-Ethernet Capability Provides Superior Network Applicability 
Arbor’s EmCORE-v615 features either three Intel82559 or three RTL8139C network controllers plus fast computing power that meets the demands of any mission-critical network applications market where high performance and reliability are critical. The EmCORE-v615 can be used as a triple Ethernet mini-server or gateway device, or can be expanded to a four Ethernet port device by adding more Ethernet ports via its fast PC/104-plus socket or PCI slot for centralized management of a Secure Virtual Network.  
The EmCORE Features Superior Multimedia  
The EmCORE-v615 incorporates the high performance VIA 8606 Integrated Savage4 Video Accelerator which supports a 4X AGP VGA/LCD controller with a 32 MB frame buffer using system memory, plus a TTL LCD interface and an LVDS (Low Voltage Differential Signaling) interface. 
Complying with the AC97 2.0 standard, the EmCORE-v615 adopts a VIA VT82C686B audio chipset supporting 3D-sound, line-in, CD audio-in, mic-in, and speaker-out. And, the high-quality TV-out option provides other multimedia application options. 
More Features and Maximum Expansion Power 
Based on the EBX design, the EmCORE-v615 supports a PC/104-plus interface for ISA/PCI module upgradability. Other on-board features include two LPT ports, four USB ports, one fast IrDA interface, four serial ports, three RS-232 ports, and one RS-232/422/485 interface. The SSD solution supports both DiskOnChip™2000 and CompactFlash™ card specifications. One EIDE device with Ultra DMA-33/66/100 transfer is supported as well as one FDD interface and one PS/2 K/B and mouse port.  
-Embedded low power VIA Ezra 800MHz or  
Eden 667 MHz processor, 133 MHz FSB 
-128 / 256MB Memory onboard (128MB default) 
-SODIMM Socket (additional 256MB) 
-4X VGA/LCD interface / 32MB Share Memory / Audio 
-Daughter Board w/ TTL / LVDS / TMDS / TV-Out 
-Triple LAN, 3x Intel 82559 or 3x Realtek 8139C 
-EBX form factor and PC/104-plus Interface 
-SSD supports DiskOnChip and Compact Flash card