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July 25th, 2002 4:45PM

From Datasound Laboratories Ltd.

Remote Server with FREE TCP/IP Library

Contact Name: Steve Rye
Contact Email: sales@dsl-ltd.co.uk
WebSite: http://www.dsl-ltd.co.uk

The New LT200 from Datasound Laboratories Ltd. is a LAN terminal that can receive commands from TCP/IP. It can be used to control input and output relays remotely. Because of the TCP/IP protocol used, the user can control the unit from anywhere in the world.  
* 8 relay inputs and 8 relay outputs.  
* Serial port to Ethernet function support.  
* Supports TCP command to send/receive I/O messages.  
* Supports HTTP command for web applications to control I/O.  
* Supports UDP initial command set to setup LT200.  
* Firmware update via FTP protocol.  
* DSock Update utility compatible.  
* Web server inside.  
* Full user accessible source code.  
Because the source code is supplied FREE with the product (LT200 firmware source code, Windows TCP control program source code, Windows UDP setup program source code and Windows Console SerTest program source code ), the user can taylor the product to suit their individual applications. Users can also:  
* Learn how to use our DSock in a real application.  
* Learn how to use our SerPort library.  
* Learn how to develop web based application.  
* Learn how to implement UDP setup protocol.  
* Learn how to implement TCP control protocol.  
* Learn how to use our BIOS, X-DOS and your User application in one on board Flash chip.  
Please contact us for further information using the any of the following means:  
+44 (0)1462 482461  
+44 (0)1462 675530  
Datasound Laboratories Ltd. 
5 Business Park West 
Avenue One 
SG6 2HB