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9/11/02 8:00 a.m. MT

From parvus Corporation

parvus Unveils its PC/104 Variable Railed Card Cage

Contact Name: Mike Southworth, Corporate Communications
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parvus Unveils its PC/104 Variable Railed Card Cage, Designed for Flexible Board-Mounting Configurations 
New Aluminum Railed Card Cage Accommodates Non-Standard PC/104 Board Spacing 
SALT LAKE CITY - September 12, 2002 - parvus Corporation today introduced the PC/104 Variable Railed Card Cage, a flexible board-mounting solution used to contain PC/104 modules within an embedded computer system. Solidly constructed with two steel end caps and four aluminum rails, the 4" x 4" Variable Railed Card is flexibly designed to accommodate non-standard spacing of PC/104 printed circuit boards within a card stack. Pricing starts at $150. 
As opposed to parvus' standard PC/104 Aluminum Railed Card Cage, which incorporates fixed 0.6" spaced slots along each rail to comply with standard PC/104 board spec spacing, the Variable Railed Card Cage includes grooves along its rails that integrate rubber inserts. This feature enables boards to be placed at non-standard intervals within the card stack, as well as allow boards with components in the "keep-out" areas of the PC/104 standard to mount within the card cage. Its design is also useful for PC/104 systems that incorporate non-standard or external components, user interface controls and mounting fixtures.  
Rails are made of black-anodized machined aluminum and come in four standard lengths: 4.0", 6.0", 8.0" and 10.0". The rubber inserts are designed to securely hold the PC/104 cards in place and eliminate the need for tedious standoffs or spacers. Removal of only two rails can provide complete access to the PC/104 card stack, which depending on rail length, can be as large as 14 PC/104 cards and still fit within the card cage. End caps are constructed of zinc-plated 20-gauge steel and include different cutout areas for PC connectors and/or ventilation.  
When used in parvus' 5" x 5" Extruded Aluminum Enclosure or 3/4 ATR Avionics Enclosure, the card cage can be shock/vibration mounted with Shock Rocks(tm) (Silastic(r) shock absorbers) or rigidly mounted with low-cost plastic rail clips or aluminum septum plates. When mounted in one of these  
ruggedized enclosures, the railed card cage maintains 0.50" clearance on all sides for cabling and can achieve NEMA-rated environmental protection against falling dirt, rain, sleet, snow, windblown dust, splashing water, hose-directed water, and corrosion. 
Product Datasheet Link: www.parvus.com/VRails.htm  
Formed in 1983, parvus Corporation is an ISO-9001 certified designer, manufacturer, and systems integrator of commercial-off-the-shelf (COTS) PC/104 products for embedded control environments. Its rugged, compact circuit boards and enclosure systems offer feature-rich, low-cost design solutions for military and commercial applications. For more information, visit www.parvus.com or call 801-483-1533. 
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