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November 1, 2002 9:50AM

From Sensoray Company

PC/104 for Machine Control

Contact Name: Colette Roth
Contact Email: colette@sensoray.com
WebSite: http://www.sensoray.com/html/526data.htm

Model 526 for the PC/104 bus is a machine control interface. It counts encoder pulses, measures analog voltages and detects digital signals. It also generates analog voltages, digital outputs and has a watchdog and interrupt timer. Its four 24-bit quadrature encoder inputs may be differential (RS-422) or single-ended TTL. Counters may be configured as timers by counting pulses from an internal clock. Timers can generate a single-shot pulse or a pulse width modulated waveform at one of the digital outputs. The eight digital I/O lines are programmable as inputs or outputs and can cause interrupts when a state change occurs. The watchdog timer can control two solid-state relays. The interrupt timer generates interrupts at precise intervals. The 526 has four 16-bit D/A's for controlling motor amplifiers. The AD option adds 8 differential A/D inputs. Single piece price: $442, A/D option adds $86.