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November 18, 2002 11:00 AM

From Micro Technic A-S

Micronix Eagle RTU - PC/104 based datalogger system with telemetry functionality

Contact Name: Kenn Bach Thomsen
Contact Email: sales@micro-technic.com
WebSite: http://www.micro-technic.com/eagle

Micro Technic is proud to introduce a completely new PC-based RTU/Datalogger system with unprecedented flexibility and performance. The Micronix Eagle RTU can communicate with all types of modems PSTN, GSM, radio and satellite etc. through the modbus protocol. Furthermore the Micronix Eagle RTU is available in a Linux version. The Linux version enables connection via TCP/IP and as data are stored in an SQL database, the possibilites for retrieving the data are endless. The Linux version also offers facilities such as ftp- and web-server with access through your web-browser and alarms via email or SMS. 
The system is built using Micro Technics PC/104 boards. By a unique cabinet design for DIN rail mounting we have succeeded in combining the stability of the PC/104 architecture with user-friendly assembly, easy expansion and service. The Micronix Eagle RTU is a multi-functional data retrieval system which can be used in any type of supervision and process control applications especially when telemetry or TCP/IP connection is required. 
More than a Remote Datalogger . 
The Micronix Eagle RTU has three features which make it extremely suitable for process monitoring and control over great distances: 
1) Datalogger. Memory from 700KB to more than 100MB makes it possible to store large amounts of data in the module. Logging can automatically be triggered by time, time interval or user defined input conditions. Data can be transferred on request through the free datalogger software, EagleLog, or directly from a central SCADA based system. The logged data is saved either in a CSV file or in an SQL database. 
2) PLC control. Through a series of I/O modules it is possible to control processes, conduct data retrieval and measurements from a wide range of instruments. Micro Technic has made it possible to program the Eagle RTU in standard IEC-61131 PLC language by incorporating a softPLC from ISaGRAF. 
3) Programmable. The Micronix Eagle RTU is PC-based and can therefore be programmed as any standard PC. It is possible to take the DOS datalogger version and combine it with your own application written in C. This enables easy integration to a series of other software applications such as Excel or SCADA systems (InTouch, Factorylink, Fix etc.). 
DIN rail I/O-system 
The Micronix Eagle RTU can be installed on a standard DIN rail. All types of process I/O can be connected through plug-in screw terminals, which eases installation, expansion or service of the system. Expansion or replacements of modules is easily done by removing only 4 screws. 
The wide selection of standard I/O modules is provided by a series of standard PC/104 I/O boards. A specially developed connection board makes it possible to separate PC/104 modules without bending or damaging pins in the PC/104 bus. The connection boards also provide the Eagle RTU with accessible screw-in terminals which make the electrical installation to the various I/Os much easier. The system is expandable up to 500 I/Os per CPU. 
With scan times for 100 I/Os of 3-4ms using a 486 CPU, the speed of the Micronix Eagle RTU equals most medium sized PLC systems. Additionally the Eagle offers much greater possibilities within various communication protocols. The software interface for configuration of the system is learned in 10-15 minutes. An instruction guide is available on our website. 
Application examples: 
The Micronix Eagle RTU can provide a competitive edge within: 
Electricity distribution 
Water supply 
Purifying plants 
Environment (Gas, weather stations, pollution, windmills, etc.) 
Traffic (Railroad, traffic control systems, etc.) 
Contact: Micro Technic A-S, Denmark  
Tel +45 66 15 30 00 Fax +45 66 15 30 77 
email: sales@micro-technic.com 
Website: www.micro-technic.com